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‘Thank you for being amazing landlords!’
JF, 2020/21; 2021/22
``I've been with Fuse for 3 years now and have always appreciated the way they work. All communications are polite, and they're reasonable landlords. Concerns are addressed in a timely manner and they're clear on what they're charging. Highly recommend.``
Jo Quyen Tran - 2021
``Great accommodation, close to university buildings with easy walking distance to town. Any issues were attended too and fixed within a reasonable time frame. Loved my flat so much, renewed for another year. Thanks Fuse!``
Charlotte Buckingham - 2021
``Fuse Properties have been great and repaired anything we have needed fixing. They have also been so accommodating when our student loan dates have changed and changed our rent dates so our guarantors wouldn't be charged. Highly recommend to students!``
Georgia Vickery - 2021
``Highly recommend Fuse Properties! We’ve had no problems with them, always quick to respond to any queries we have and communicates with us efficiently. Spacious house perfect for students, overall pleased with our experience so far``
Taylah Down - 2021
``Earlier this evening we viewed your properties on Britannia Road North and Pains Road and were very pleased with what we saw, it was clear to us that the upkeep of your properties is to an extremely high standard. We would like to send our gratitude to Sanjay for taking the time to show us round both properties, especially the new build, the plan was shared with us in extreme detail and he answered any questions or concerns we had as a group. We are looking forward to living in one of your houses``
K, S & A - November 2019 (Moving into our newly refurbished 6 Bed House in September 2020
``I just talked to another friend and they are looking for a 6 bedroom house, so I suggest Fuse Properties because you and Sanjay are really nice and cooperative``
L - November 2019 - Tenant signed up for 2020/21 Academic Year
``I would just like to say a massive thanks for all the work done over the past few days, it has really made a difference to the flat and put our minds at ease to know how quickly and professionally FUSE fixes issues such as these. We have also come up with a solid solution for the wifi and so are now very happy with the flat and looking forward to a great year or two.``
Jonny in Sept 2019
``We have all been particularly impressed with your service. This is in stark contrast to the service we received from another agent the previous year, which was quite frankly appalling``.
HR. Mother of tenant in 2018/19
“Thank you for your time. This was our first positive viewing and the first one where the person showing us around wasn’t late!”
Prospective Tenant Nov 2018
``I am really comfortable in this house and really happy. It feels like home though it is far from home``
Overseas Tenant 2018/19
``Thank you for looking after us. I think 'A' had a good year. Great student house. Bit posher than when I was 19 years old``
Parent of tenant who left in July 2018
``I love my room. Even more beautiful than expected. Thank you``
Overseas Tenant 2018/19
``Thank you very much for providing an excellent Check-In. You have provided really good accommodation and plenty of furniture. It's excellent and you have been fantastic``
Parent of tenant. Mrs. H 2018/19
``Thank you for being so helpful with my tenancy and so kind``
Overseas Tenant, MF 2018/19
``Thank you for getting our (maintenance) issue sorted so quickly!``
PB, 2017/18
I was very impressed with the quick turnaround of the issue. If only all landlords could be like that!
Parent of Tenant LM 2016/17
Just want to say thank you very much for everything you have done over the last year for the house. Had a great time in the house and didnt want to leave.
NM 2015/16
Can we stay with you again please next year, its been a good 2 years already in a great house.
AP 2015/16 & 2016/17
Thank you for all your help over the last 2 years we've rented with you.
JL, 2014/15 & 2015/16
I've spoken to my housemates and we are very keen to stay on with you next year. We are pleased with the house and it has exceeded our expectations and we were wondering if we can have it for another year.'
JP, 2014/15
Our stay with you was nothing but pleasant and you took care of us and were always fair.'
CW Tenant 2012/13/14
Thanks to Fuse for being excellent Landlords for my 3 years at Portsmouth.'
TH Teants 2011/12/13/14
Many thanks for the 3 years with fuse properties. It has been a pleasure.'
CB, BS & RB Tenants for 2011/12; 2012/13; 2013/14
'Thank you for being great landlords and for giving us a great house for the last 2 '
ST 2012/13; 2013/14
'Over the past two years you guys support has been amazing.'
CW Tenant 2012/13; 2013/14
'Thanks for everything over the last year!'
EW Tenants 2013/14
'Thank you ever so much for your help, will definitely recommend your services to my friends'
CE - Tenant 2014/15 - 4th December 2013
'Will get back to you as I don't want to go with anyone but you guys 🙂 - really enjoyed the last 2 years with you and the house is BRILLIANT!!'
SCW - Tenant 2012/13; 2013/14 - 4th December 2013
'It's so nice to know that if we have a problem, it gets sorted out so quickly. We know some of our other friends with other Landlords where the problems never get seen to. We're hoping to stay on with you (Fuse) again for our final year at university'
KRT - Tenant 2013/14; 2014/15 - 29th November 2013
'Given all of the bad publicity agencies have in Portsmouth, this year has been a pleasant surprise and it has been great to work with you. Please let me know if you have any feedback forms or a website forum in which I can leave a positive review for you! :)'
RW - Tenant 2012/13 - 15th January 2013
'Personally, I've been more than happy with Fuse this year so would definitely like to stay with yourselves.'
RT - Tenant 2012/13 - 6th December 2012
'However, would it be possible to get in contact with you this time next year to maybe sort out a 4 bedroom property for 2013 as I will be returning to Portsmouth then and would love to already have a landlord that we all trust and have a good relationship with?'
FW - Tenant 2012/13 - 25th November 2012
'We would really love to stay in the house next year.'
LH - Tenant 2012/13 - 23rd November 2012
'I just wanted to enquire about the properties you have. I still want to stay within your company and hope that you can find something for next year.' -
LT - Tenant 2012/13 - 23rd November 2012


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